How we created the first real Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket

How we created the first real Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket

Hello dear visitor.

I am Gabriel, the CEO of Prasanna and creator of the first real Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket.

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I am from Portugal Europe and was born in 87. I've had numerous serious life-threatening health challenges all my life and am a living proof of how natural/holistic change of lifestyle can bring us to a balanced and healthy state. I was born with a heart condition called Aortic Stenosis and had a few heart valves replaced as a baby and adolescent. After that I had to battle with numerous auto-imune issues and after being bedridden for one year in 2016, I completely and radically changed everything I was doing and began a natural and holistic life style change.

One of those things were the use of Sauna and in 2017 I bought a portable Sauna that I had to stop to use because I found out that it was very high in Electromagnetic radiation / fields which is known for inducing oxidative damage in your cells. I wanted the benefit of the sauna but could not use it without worrying about the EMF thing. I also could not afford a bigger sauna and I was living at that time in my parents home which made it even more difficult to install and purchase one. I knew Sauna is a very important tool for detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system.

Here is a picture of me back in 2016 when I was very very sick and mostly bedridden using the first portable infrared sauna. I found out a after a few sessions that it was very high EMF so I stopped using it.


After a few years I was in a better state with diet changes and other approaches but I still had in mind that the Sauna could benefit me a lot, especially for cardiovascular and detoxification reasons (had a lot of Mercury fillings that I had to remove in 2017). I also could not sweat in a natural way, even in summer days because my thyroid was shut down so I really wanted a Sauna but one that would be portable, economic, EMF Safe and easy to use.

Luckily my health got better every year with constant major tweaks on my habits and lifestyle.

That being said, fast forward in 2020 I bought another Sauna (an infrared Sauna Blanket) from a very known company as they stated it was Low EMF which turned out it was completely false. I later found out after researching a lot about EMF and how to test them that most, if not all companies that state "Low EMF" without differentiating between which kind of EMFS (Electric Field vs Magnetic Field vs Body Voltage) are lying or in complete ignorance and denial about the "Low EMF" statement.

Most of these saunas are Low in Magnetic Fields but they completely ignore the Electric Fields and resulting Body Voltage induced from that. I found out that most of these saunas induce a body Voltage of 50V+ and in some cases more than 100V. Imagine having 100V+ running thru your body when you are trying to heal from certain conditions. I cannot imagine getting healthier while being in such a soup of Electric Fields and getting well. I simply could not do it and I think this is a real concern that should be more talked about.

I am certified and professionally trained as an Electric Technician and I have also a very curious and visionary mind so I just decided that I would try to create such an amazing concept (the infrared Sauna Blanket) with a new feature in mind that would completely mitigate the Electric Fields & Magnetic Fields and would not induce any body Voltage. No one has done it so I took the challenge.

I became completely obsessed with it during end of 2021 and this present year. Finally I came out with a new feature that no other sauna in the world has. I achieved my goal and now I am presenting this amazing product that came out of my own struggles and health issues to find a sauna that would be portable, easy to function, easy to install, economic, True Low EMF (In fact ZERO EMF) and very relaxing. 

This is me while trying to figure out how I can make this True Zero-EMF thing work:

The cost of production of it is a lot higher for me because of this extra feature and because of that my selling price is a bit higher than most of the infrared sauna blanket companies out there but the fact is that, if you are looking for a sauna for health reasons, this will be the best money spend. 

Health is my number one priority in my life and I would never use a sauna that would not be EMF safe and now I can finally use a sauna like this because I know that it is completely EMF safe. In fact I have been using my first prototypes since February of this year and I've been having amazing results. These kind of sauna blankets have another big point that I like. When you're inside them, you get so relaxed to a point of having meditations and reduced brain waves, like a Delta/Theta brainwave state which helps a lot for healing too. It's a double win. Detox and meditate easily at the same time while breathing with your head out instead of feeling suffocated like it normal saunas.

You can also check this video of me comparing the EMF's of some saunas with mine. It's in portuguese but has english subtitles.

We ship from our little warehouse in Portugal and have Fast Express Shipping in EU, UK, USA, Brasil & Canada.

We offer 1year Warranty and 30-Day Returns after purchase.

In the meantime I am creating more fun stuff that is also Sauna related.

Please keep an eye on our site and blog for more health related products and info.

Hope you have good health!

Thank you for reading this.

This is my wife and me lately :)

She has been so supportive of my journey.