About Us

Hello, dear visitor!

I am Gabriel, the founder of the company, from Portugal. Our products helped me recover from an unbelievable and insane story of healing.

Let me explain how I recovered myself and got a healthy life:

I was born in 1987 and was diagnosed with a severe heart condition called Aortic Stenosis. My life until these past years has been of struggles battling with heart surgeries, autoimmune issues and being immersed in medications. These experiences led me to the path of discoveries, and I took a deep dive of faith in 2016, when bed-bound for one year with a collapsing heart condition, nodules in my lungs, IBS and more. I ditched all my doctors and stopped all medications despite their pressure. I took this decision out of one night of desperation after not sleeping for months. I would do everything in my power to rebuild a new body and a new mind. So, this led me to a complete change of lifestyle, diet, environment and people.

The desperation led me to study everything about natural and holistic medicine. Detoxification, EMF exposure, grounding, cold thermogenesis, sauna, Red Light therapy, and meditation were the main things that I focused on. I realised that the environment surrounding us and the internal environment of our thoughts can change our gene expression and how we feel. The main symptoms I was dealing with were memory loss, acute anxiety and panic attacks, constant dizziness, IBS, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, cardiomyopathy, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. Despite these, I held on to one thing: I had a deep belief and faith that I could change this reality.

A few pictures of my progress:

The most significant changes that had the biggest impacts were the benefits of earthing/grounding, sauna and exposure to all sorts of EMFs, especially those in our home. Detoxification and some diet experiments were important also. This has enabled me to develop and promote products that can bring about drastic changes in our health with minimal effort.

I am now living proof of how we can change our destiny. I am in the best shape of my life, and the more consistently I stay with these simple basic health hacks, the better life gets overall. It took me a good half of a decade to get out of "desperation-mode" with many ups and downs. I am back on track on a healthy, robust, balanced and vibrant life. I always had a nerdy mind, so this helped me research the best and safest way to create products that can be effective and very simple in their use.

So, I want to continue to pass on hope to people to improve their health and recover from their conditions by changing their environment, which ultimately can change their health by using simple products and solutions for modern problems.
I have an entrepreneurial vein, so I am creating more unique products soon. Stay tuned :)

This is me with my wife Ana, who supported me during our troubling times. She helps me with my business, and we are grateful for having each other in our lives.

She suffered from tendinitis and terrible headaches. She was almost on the verge of having surgeries. However, observing my progress, she changed her lifestyle and is now pain-free.

Thank you :)

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.”