Get the one & only true Zero EMF Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket in the world

  • Detox & Heal without EMF's

  • Sweat while you Relax

  • Portable & Easy Cleaning

  • Far-Infrared Heating Energy

- ZERO Electric Field
- ZERO Induced Body Voltage
- ZERO Magnetic Field Increase
- EU Patent-Pending Technology
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Our story & EMF TestING

This is Gabriel, the inventor & founder of Prasanna. He explains in detail the story behind his insane health recovery, about this invention & a full testing of the Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields & Body Voltage of his Infrared Sauna Blanket.

Lie Down, Relax & Sweat without EMF's

749€ / 799$ / 699£

  • PU Non-Toxic Waterproof with Zipper (no PVC)

  • Infrared Zero Magnetic Field Heating Wiring

  • True Zero Electric Field Mitigation

  • Portable & Easy Cleaning

  • Dimensions: 190cm (75”) long - circumference of 170cm (69”) - Folded large 85cm (34")


4 Steps for a good sauna session

01. Set-up the Timer & Temperature

pre heat Blanket for 5 min

2. Go inside the Blanket, Relax, Meditate Or Listen To A Podcast & Sweat

03. Get Out, Take A Shower, Use A Wet Wipe For Cleaning the blanket

04. Hydrate Well with some Salts & Minerals

Ready to have your Infrared Sauna Blanket with no EMF's

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