Grounding, otherwise known as earthing, is one of the most powerful and simplest things you can do to improve your health. As Aristotle once said, “In nature, there is something marvelous.” This conductive contact of the human body with the surface of the earth can have intriguing benefits on our physiology. Let’s discuss this simple and powerful technique, its benefits, and of course, how you can do it.

What is grounding

Essentially, it is the direct contact of the skin on the hands or our bare feet on the surface of the earth. Or it can be done via a grounding system. The amazing thing about grounding is that people all over the world in diverse cultures have talked about the benefits and how to improve their health and well-being from being barefoot on the earth for thousands and thousands of years. Although this may seem new to some, it is really prevalent in other cultures.

Why grounding

By living, breathing in oxygen and digesting food, we are constantly oxidising (ageing). We continuously build a measurable static field of tension in our body of charged positive (+) electrons (protons). On top of this, we have a modern world built on non-native Electromagnetic Fields in our home, cellphone radiation and environment that are foreign and harmful to our cells.  The remains of our daily metabolic process, also called free radicals, nothing less than electrical charges (voltage) in our cells. These harmful protons try to neutralise themselves by snapping around (discharging) in your healthy genetic material and thereby initiate micro-inflammations, thousands per day. This is the basic cause of most infections and diseases. Your cell voltage increases, your resistance is put to the test, your immunity decreases and you get inflammations that can start to grow into something more serious.

Grounding is scientifically proven to be beneficial and restorative, reducing inflammation, stress and pain, and lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, and increasing blood viscosity. Mother Nature has the extraordinary job to take care of us and the ability to help us heal. Connecting with planet earth may be the most effective prescription for your health and well-being. The earth’s electrons are the medicine – and it’s all free. The problem is we do not tap into this energy on a constant, daily basis the way our ancestors did, historically. They walked barefoot and slept directly on the ground or wore leather hides on their feet, continuously connecting to the earth’s natural energy. Inflammatory diseases were unheard of back then.

We are all bioelectrical beings. Like a battery, we need to be re-charged to function at optimum levels. Consider the earth as one enormous battery which constantly emits a subtle electrical charge and global frequencies (7.83 Hz to be exact) in the electromagnetic field spectrum. This frequency is called the Schumann resonances. We can recharge by connecting to the ground’s electric nutrition called electrons, which give the earth’s surface a negative charge. Our bodies need electrons to function they way nature intended and to reduce the buildup of free radicals.  

Our earth, however, is a gigantic and inexhaustible reservoir of negative (-) electrons, which instantly brings your built-up body tension (+) back into natural balance with direct contact. This is our basic bio-physics. You literally discharge when in contact with the earth and you constantly receive natural anti-inflammatory drugs. Your immune system is instantly relieved and is able again to fulfil its core task: to boost your vitality and health and keep diseases and ailments at bay.

This process happens perfectly when you sleep on an earthing sheet or use another earthing product to connect to the earth. In this naturally recovered balance, your ageing process can slow down, your recuperative capacity (immune system) can be optimised again and your body can recover vigorously.

Benefits of Grounding

Let’s get into the evidence-based benefits of grounding

1) Reduces inflammation

We know that ninety percent of all of our chronic health conditions are linked to excessive or persistent inflammation. Grounding is one of the simplest ways to address that.

2) Decreases pain

3) Decreases stress response

It can help shift us from our sympathetic state to our parasympathetic state in our autonomic nervous system

4) Increases heart rate variability

The higher our heart rate variability is, the interbeat between the heartbeats, the better the function of our autonomic nervous system. This can be associated with better recovery, better emotional resilience, and overall well-being.

5) Improves sleep

6) Improves cortisol rhythm

Cortisol is one of our key stress hormones.

7) Improves wound healing

Grounding can be a great thing to include in an integrative approach to healing.

8) Reduces blood viscosity

This can be one of the best things you can do for reducing your cardiovascular risk.

So, how can you include grounding in your life

The easiest way is to just get outside barefoot. You could spend as little as 10 minutes to see some benefits up to an hour.  Stand or sit in a chair and place your feet on the ground. You can put your hands in the grass but be sure to make sure it is consistent time outdoors. This is the simplest way to include grounding, but if that’s not realistic for you, you can use a grounding system like ours while you sleep and regenerate. You can also use our Grounding mats while you are working tasks on your computer. All of these can come in the form of a sheet, mat, patches, wristbands, and ankle bands, and connect to a grounded outlet or with a cable direct from the window of your room to the ground outside of your home. All of these surfaces and cables are conductive materials which transport the earth energy potential and free electrons. By doing this you are connecting to mother earth, literally. 

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.”