What are EMF's & How our Sauna is different ?

Hey, curious minds!

Ever wondered what the buzz is about EMF (electromagnetic fields)? Well, let's unravel this electrifying mystery in simple terms, minus the technical jargon.

EMF, short for electromagnetic fields, is all about how charged particles like electrons play a game of influence from a distance. Think of it as the force that governs electronic devices – it's everywhere.

But here's the scoop: EMF isn't just one thing; it's a trio of intriguing elements – low-frequency electric fields, low-frequency magnetic fields, and the grand finale, higher-frequency electromagnetic radiation, or what we call "radio frequency" (RF) waves. And any product claiming to be low EMF needs to be specific about what kind of EMF they are tackling!

Now, the key difference among these fields and waves? It's all in the frequency, my friends. If a field doesn't change over time, it's "static," essentially zero frequency. Fields or waves that dance and change with time, well, they have a frequency measured in Hertz (Hz), which counts the cycles per second.

Electric and magnetic fields below 100 kHz (100,000 Hz) have their separate gigs. Sometimes, we use the term ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) to talk about these electric and magnetic fields that do their own thing. But once you cross that 100 kHz threshold, they start playing nice together and turn into what engineers call RF waves or electromagnetic waves. But think of them as "light."

Hold on, though – while EMF spreads out from its source, it's not the same as scary "radiation." Radiation is all about radioactive materials breaking down, like what happens in nuclear power. So, no radiation talk here!

Let's break it down further:

Electric Fields: Imagine electric voltage measured in volts (V) producing electric fields measured in volts per meter (V/m). A typical European power outlet operates at 220-240 V with a 50 Hz frequency. So, whether you're using it or not, electric fields are buzzing around, mostly at 50 Hz. But they can stretch up to around 300 Hz due to some math magic.

Example: Air doesn't conduct electricity, but if the electric field gets crazy big, even air can't resist – hello, lightning!

Magnetic Fields: Now, electric current measured in amperes (A) creates magnetic fields measured in gauss (G) or tesla (T). For our discussion, let's stick to milligauss (mG). Most things we care about fall between 0 and a few hundred mG. So, whenever there's electricity flowing, magnetic fields are in play.

Example: Remember how magnets with the same polarity repel and opposites attract? That's magnetic fields at work. Even your fridge magnet gets in on the action.

RF Waves: These are the cool cats of EMF, the ones above 100 kHz. They're like a fusion of electric and magnetic fields, almost like light. Different frequencies in this range do different things, from radio waves to Wi-Fi to microwaves and beyond. Heck, even visible light is part of this club.

So, why is this important for you? Well, most infrared sauna companies don't quite get the EMF scoop. They toss around incorrect terms and often ignore electric fields & Magnetic fields altogether because, truth be told, they're a tough nut to crack. But not us.

Prasanna Sauna is in a league of its own. Our saunas feature nifty stuff like electric field shielding and specially designed heated far-infrared cables that zap away those pesky magnetic fields. Inside our sauna blanket, you'll find absolute zero body voltage and no magnetic field – it's like a safe EMF oasis. Also, our newest Sauna, the Sauna POD, is completely shielded against Electric Fields and our cabling inside has the magnetic field also cancelled out.

If you're itching for more on our products, check our Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket or Sauna POD. And for a little bonus, check out our CEO Gabriel, which is a certified by Geovital Academy in Austria as an EMF Radiation Specialist explaining the EMF game-changer in this video with English subtitles.

So, there you have it – EMF, decoded and demystified. Get ready to embrace a new era of saunas with us! 🌟