How to Ground Yourself

So if you are really new to this health hack, let us explain the simple steps of what procedures you have to take when you buy a sheet or mat from us.

There are 2 ways on how you can ground yourself to the earth surface.

First way to ground

This way is the most natural way as humans used to live before inventing shoes. You can either be barefoot outside on the grass, earth or even concrete/tiles as concrete and tiles are materials made from minerals which are conductive as long as they are in contact with any part of the earth.

Second way to ground

Connecting conductive grounding materials like our sheets and mats directly to the grounded outlets in your home and making contact with an part of our skin. We can do this by sleeping on a grounding sheet or by connecting your hands of feet on a mat on your work desk.

Before using this, it is important to test your grounded outlets with one of our testers/meters or with a Multimeter to check if your outlets have propper grounded connection. If not, you should ask your electrician to check and to propper wiring in your home. 

Third way to ground

This way is the same as the second way but with a minor difference. We use same material for skin contact but instead of connecting it to the grounded outlets, we use a long resistant cable with a grounding rod by connecting it from the sheet/mat directly to the earth by bypassing it thru a window or any other "hole" in your room. Check our shop for Accessories and Grounded Rods. If you live in a home with a garden/yard, we strongly advise to do it this way. If you live in an apartment without direct access to a garden/yard then use the Second Way above by connecting your sheet/mat to the Grounded Outlet in your room. Don't forget to test the grounded outlet first with our testers in the Accessories section of our shop.

This is the most natural hack that you can do for grounding. We personally do it this way ourselves to avoid any Electrical Field or Dirty Electricity that can affect your grounding wires in your home.