About Us

Hey there, I'm Gabriel, the guy behind all this magic, hailing from the sunny shores of Portugal. But let me tell you, my journey here is nothing short of a wild ride through the realm of healing.

Picture this: 1987, the year I made my debut in this world. But guess what? I came with a heavy baggage – a wicked heart condition they called Aortic Stenosis. My life? A rollercoaster of surgeries, autoimmune battles, and an endless prescription of meds. But let me fast-forward to the recent years where the real transformation happened.

Here's how I pulled off this incredible feat of recovery:

It all started when I hit rock bottom in 2016. I'm talking bed-bound for a year, my heart doing the cha-cha with a collapsing condition, lung nodules, IBS – you name it, I had it. Doctors and their fancy prescriptions couldn't give me the sleep I desperately craved. So, in a moment of sheer desperation, I made a bold decision – I chucked all those pills and left those white-coated folks scratching their heads.

Why, you ask? Because I was ready to rebuild, not just my body, but my entire life. I took the plunge into a new world of lifestyle, diet, surroundings, and even the people I surrounded myself with.

And you know what desperation does? It fuels curiosity. I became a student of natural and holistic medicine, diving deep into detoxification, tackling the mysteries of EMF exposure, discovering the power of grounding, braving the icy waters of cold thermogenesis, embracing the warmth of the sauna, basking in the glow of Red Light therapy, and diving into the serenity of meditation.

Why, you wonder? Because I realized something profound – our environment, both external and internal, has the power to rewrite our story. See, I was dealing with a laundry list of symptoms – memory loss, anxiety that hit like a freight train, constant dizziness, IBS that liked to play tricks on me, a heart that couldn't find its rhythm, fatigue that seemed never-ending, and the shadow of depression looming large. But I clung to one thing with every fiber of my being – the unwavering belief that I could rewrite this reality.

And guess what? I did.

A few pictures of my progress:


Let me spill the beans on the game-changers that shook up my life – they're like health secrets that are too good to keep quiet. We're talking about earthing/grounding, the soul-soothing sauna sessions, and yes, those sneaky EMFs that lurk in our homes. Throw in a dash of detoxification and a pinch of diet experiments, and you've got the recipe for the ultimate transformation.

These weren't just life hacks; they were my ticket to a complete health overhaul. And now, I'm not just preaching this stuff; I'm living proof that destiny can be rewritten. I'm rocking the best shape of my life, and the more I stick with these simple health hacks, the brighter life gets overall.

But let's get real for a second – it wasn't all smooth sailing. It took me a solid five years of highs and lows to escape the clutches of desperation. But now, I'm firmly on the path to a life that's robust, balanced, and bursting with vibrance.

And you know what? My inner nerd played a part in all of this. It pushed me to dig deep, do my research, and come up with products that are not just effective but also a piece of cake to use.

So, here's the deal: I'm on a mission to spread hope like wildfire. I want people to know that they can take control of their health, kick those conditions to the curb, and do it all by changing their environment. And guess what? It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple products and solutions can tackle those modern problems head-on.

So, let's keep the hope train chugging along because everyone deserves a shot at a healthier, happier life.



I've got that entrepreneurial spark in me, and I'm brewing up some more one-of-a-kind goodies. So, keep your antennas up because there's exciting stuff coming your way! 😉

Now, let me introduce you to the rockstar in my life – my incredible wife, Ana. She's been the wind beneath my wings, especially during the stormy weather. Not only is she my partner in crime in this business adventure, but she's also my inspiration.

You see, Ana battled the dragon called tendinitis and waged wars against those ruthless headaches and fibromyalgia-type-symptoms. Surgery was knocking at her door, but she took a cue from my journey. She flipped the script on her lifestyle, and guess what? Pain-free living became her new reality.

So, here's to us, to our love, and to the incredible power of change. Thanks for being a part of our journey! 😊

Remember, "A walk in nature, walks the soul back home." 🌿🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️