How we created the first real Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket


Hey there, friend!

I'm Gabriel, and I'm not your typical CEO/Founder. You see, I hail from the sunny shores of Portugal in Europe, and I've got quite the story to share. Born in '87, I've faced some real health battles since day one. Picture this: I was a baby with a heart condition called Aortic Stenosis, and I had a couple of heart valve replacements as a kid. But that's just the beginning of my journey.

Life threw me curveballs in the form of autoimmune issues, and in 2016, I hit rock bottom. I spent a whole year bedridden, feeling like life had dealt me a pretty tough hand. But you know what they say, when life hands you lemons... I decided to flip the script and dive into a natural, holistic lifestyle change.

One of the things I wanted to include in my newfound wellness journey was sauna therapy. So, in 2017, I got myself a portable sauna, only to discover it was practically zapping me with electromagnetic radiation. Yikes! I wanted the detox benefits of a sauna without the worry of EMF.


I couldn't afford a fancy sauna setup, and I was still living with my folks at the time, which made things even trickier. But here's the deal: I knew that a sauna was essential for detox and boosting my immune system. So, I had a real dilemma on my hands.

Fast forward to 2020, and I decided to give it another shot. I bought an infrared sauna blanket from a well-known company that claimed it had "Low EMF." Turns out, that was a big fat fib. I did my homework and learned that most companies use the term "Low EMF" without diving into the nitty-gritty details. They conveniently forget to mention the Electric Fields and the resulting Body Voltage, which can be sky-high!

Imagine trying to heal with your body buzzing at over 100 volts – not a good recipe for wellness, right? I knew I couldn't settle for that, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

You see, I'm not just some sauna enthusiast; I'm a certified Electric Technician with a knack for innovative thinking. I was on a mission to create something unique—a game-changer in the sauna world. I became downright obsessed with it in 2021, and guess what? I cracked the code! I developed a brand-new feature that no other sauna in the world has, one that would completely eliminate Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields, leaving no trace of body voltage behind.

And now, my friend, I proudly present to you the result of my blood, sweat and tears: the world's first Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket!

This is me while trying to figure out in the beginning 2022 how I can make this True Zero-EMF thing work:

Sure, it costs a bit more than your average sauna blanket, but when it comes to your health, it's worth every penny. Health is my numero uno priority, and I'd never use a sauna that's not EMF safe. In fact, I've been using my prototypes since February this year, and let me tell you, the results have been nothing short of amazing. 

But that's not all these sauna blankets offer. When you're wrapped up in one, you'll reach a level of relaxation that's practically out-of-body. Think Delta/Theta brainwave states – perfect for healing. It's like detoxing and meditating rolled into one, and you won't feel like you're suffocating in a steamy box.

Want proof? Check out my video comparing EMFs from different saunas (don't worry, it's got English subtitles).

We're shipping these bad boys from our cozy warehouse in Portugal and we have thid-party warehouses located in California US and Australia. Plus, we've got your back with a 2-year Warranty and a 60-Day Returns policy.

Currently (September 2023) I'm trying to bring the full production to Portugal as my dream is to have a complete manufacturing plant in my own country where we produce amazing biohacking tools.

And hey, this is just the beginning! I've got more exciting sauna-related stuff in the pipeline, so keep your eyes on our site and blog for updates.

Wishing you the best of health, my friend!

And here's a snapshot of me and my awesome wife – she's been my rock through this wild journey. 😊👫